Thursday, 12 March 2015


In the Hong Kong Metro Area there are basically three major meeting places. YES indeed there are other meeting venues but in my humble opinion the big three are ..

12 Borrett Road .. Hong Kong .. please see NOV 30, 14 ..

St. Joseph's Church .. Hong Kong .. shown below ..

The Mariners' Club .. Kowloon .. please see NOV 27, 14 ..

I will first show the exterior of St. Joseph's Church. Then I will show the meeting room.

St. Joseph's Church is located at 37 Garden Road in Hong Kong proper. St. Joseph's is TEAL BLUE in color and its attractive color makes it a landmark as traffic flows down Garden Road from the mid-levels of Hong Kong into Hong Kong Central. In the following photos you can see this traffic.

In the below photo St. Joseph's is the teal blue building in the left center background.

In the above photo if you turn 90 degrees to your right you can see that St. Joseph's is very close to the Hong Kong headquarters of The Consulate General of the United States of America.

Some closer views of St. Joseph's.

I find St. Joseph's to be very photogenic!

St. Joseph's is on a relatively small plot of land closely surrounded by other buildings thus it's virtually impossible to get a really good overall look at the church because you cannot get far enough away from the church to show it in its entirety. To confound matters I do not have a super-wide-angle lens on my camera.

It does not help that St. Joseph's is sharing its plot of land with the interchange of several roads. At the extreme upper right hand corner in the photo below you can see that one of the roads literally defines one of the property limits of the church! 

Below you can see a road crossing Garden Road. This road is also adjacent to the rear of St. Joseph's. 

Below you can see both of the above two roads as they relate to one another at the rear property limit of St. Joseph's Church!

Notice the dark green sports utility vehicle (SUV) on the right above and below. This SUV helps tie these photos together.

NO! You are not imagining it. YES! In the above photo is yet another third road! Do you see it on the right side of the above photo behind and sandwiched in between the other two roads? 

To top off this incredible maze of roads .. there is yet a fourth major road in the above mix. It is shown below with traffic moving from the left to the right. Again notice the SUV.

Below are several other views of the above fourth road as taken from the side of St. Joseph's Church. It is a very nice setting overall.

A closer look at the above fourth road is shown below.

Below are several random photos of St. Joseph's taken from the other side of Garden Road just to further show that St. Joseph's is in the middle of the traffic pattern!

What an absolute maze of roads surrounds St. Joseph's Church!

Below is a photo of the main entrance.

Inside of the above main entrance.

Below is a photo of the rear entrance into the above main lobby of St. Joseph's.

Additional exterior views of St. Joseph's.

Study the sculpture of Jesus of Nazareth in the two above photos.

The below photo looks down on the church. In the distant left below find the sculpture of Jesus of Nazareth that I show above. This will orient the three photos to one another.

Again finding the sculpture of Jesus of Nazareth on the right below helps you fit this photo in with those immediately above.

Below are several photos showing the parking area for the church. The cars help to relate the below photos to one another.

It surprised me that St. Joseph's has such ample parking.

The below photo shows a straight on view of the wall on the left above.

Again the automobiles help to orient the photos to one another. 

If you can believe it .. there is also parking beneath St. Joseph's.

When I attend A.A. meetings at a church I always make it a point to visit the church on CHURCH SUNDAYS so that I can get a feeling for the church's community.

The first photo below was taken on a weekday. The following photos were taken on a Sunday. 

I came away with a very happy impression of the church goers at St. Joseph's!

By the way .. the meeting room is right in front of you on this side of the church but not possible to see because of the crowd.

See the church goers on the lower left edge below?

The below photographs were taken looking back up at St. Joseph's having walked down Garden Road.

Below I show photos looking back up Garden Road from the opposite side.

Do you see St. Joseph's in the right background above and below. When I get to this intersection I know that I am almost there. 

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 

Now I want to show the A.A. meeting room at St. Joseph's.

Two A.A. groups meet at St. Joseph's from Monday through Friday.  There are no regularly scheduled weekend meetings.

The Morning Group meets from 7:45 to 8:45AM. The Lunch Bunch meets from 1 to 2PM.

The A.A. meeting room is located on the back side of the church. 

Moving to the left in the above photo we see the below view of the church.

Again moving to the left from the above photo ..

Continuing around the church moving to the left we come full circle back to the parking lot you have seen above and on the left in the below photo.

In the below photo .. immediately to the right of the arch .. behind the green trash bucket .. is the door leading into the A.A. meeting room at St. Joseph's Church.

A closer look at the green trash bucket in the above photo with the meeting room door behind it.

The A.A. meetings at St. Joseph's are held in Church Meeting Room 'A'.

As the door looks when it is time for a meeting!

Now it is time to go inside and see the meeting room.

Looking from the rear of the room towards the front you see where the meeting leader sits.

Looking now from the leader's chair towards the back of the meeting room.

The Morning Group which meets from7:45 to 8:45AM has a very special feature to its meetings.

The Morning Group has a set of words-of-wisdom or phrases that they hang upon the window wall as you see below.

I absolutely love these sayings! 

You can that EACH SIDE of the window wall hangings have sayings. There are 27 of them and being double sided you have 54 in all.

Looking into the room from the outside corridor you can see the double-sided sayings.

Some of my favorites!

Some just tickle me!

So true!

I hope that the above series of photographs 'paints-for-you' a portrait of one of the three major A.A. meeting sites in Hong Kong .. St. Joseph's Church on Garden Road in the Mid-Levels of Hong Kong.


  1. Nice to at last get an overall picture of St. Joseph's after hearing so much about it and knowing you have been going to meetings there for several months now. Some of the sayings you picked out as your favorites were ones that I had written down to save! Nice to be in the meeting room!! Love, Patti

  2. Thank You So Much for looking this Post over! I really 'aimed' it at you knowing you have heard me talk so much about meetings at St. Joseph's. What a job it ended up being trying to sort out all the photos I have taken over several months. Much Love ..

  3. I have a great HK story I could tell you,Cap.
    When I was in HK in "91,there was a Sat nite meeting on Victoria Peak,an orphanage,I think.